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Artdob Takes You Away With “Fading”



Coming to you from XDM Records, Artdob has just dropped “Fading” on February 26 — and we’re reminded that “playing it safe won’t save you.” As sung by Artdob on “Fading,” the message behind the single unfolds perfectly right from the very beginning.

A relatable track for all during the Coronavirus pandemic, “Fading” is an artistic, indie-dance gem that delivers a squeaky-clean production coupled with eloquent vocal messaging, which results in a truly clever alignment of sonic structure. “Fading” embraces the idea of hopeless romantics, yet still emphasizes the power of positive alliance and the silver lining that fate has to offer.

Artdob, born Art Huidobro in Melbourne, Australia, hailing from Mexico City, and boasts a handful of talents, including songwriting, singing, producing, rapping, and composing. He’s proven himself to be a true artist and tastemaker — cooking up creativity in ways many others fail to achieve.

Fading’ is the kind of song that makes you wanna close your eyes and let the synths take you away. Far away where the good vibes reign. Melodically, the tracks offer yet an electric but homely warm vibe that could definitely guide us through the rest of the winter.” – Artdob


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