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Andrew Rayel Paints us a “Silver Lining” [Interview]



Very few trance artists have played so many stages around the world like Moldovan trance legend Andrei Rață, better know as Andrew Rayel. Or, even better move and touched so many people with his music. With the string of releases he has already pushed out these last couple of years, trance fans always get exited once a new track is announced/released. His newest track “Silver Lining” is out now on Armada Music.

“Silver Lining” feels like the first rays of sunshine hitting your skin. The fantastic vocal with the smooth silky beat is a surefire recipe for success. As the enchanting vocal keeps telling us the silver lining, avid music lovers will probably find it in this track. With the prospect of festivals that might be happening, could this be the anthem that keeps us going?

Nocturnal Times: Hi Andrei welcome to 2021 and thank you for taking your time for this interview. Lets look a bit back on last year. You are one of the few DJs that actually played live last year (whether it was in the beginning of the year in the united states or at the end in Thailand). How was it playing in Thailand after so long not playing for a crowd? Comparing that to your gig in the lush mountains of Moldova, which one did you prefer more?

Andrew Rayel: HEY! Thanks for having me, always a pleasure being here. WOW, umm Thailand was something special, to be able to perform a safe organized show which a huge shout out goes to Arsit (promoter) and Rave Culture family. The energy was off the charts, being back in the DJ booth which was taken granted for sure was a surreal feeling, and the overall show as just perfect….deff different than live streaming from the hills haha, but you try to make the best out of all the situations, the times we are living and basically trying to find the silver linings of things beyond the situation good or bad one and seeing how you can make the best out of it and move forward! Im super excited for this release and I hope you will enjoy this as much as I do!!

Nocturnal Times: The main reason we are having this talk is to discuss your newest track, fittingly called “Silver Lining.” Why did you choose this title and what is the message you want to spread with this track? This track differs from the typical Andrew Rayel sound – why did you go with this “vocal pop” sound for this release? Is this something you want to produce more in the future?

Andrew Rayel: “Silver Lining” is for sure a perfect title for what we are going with and the times we are in, in anything we do a lot of the times we don’t get to realize the other side of things because your in the of moment, but as we seem to in a lot of heated moments lately and a lot are out of our hands, you should try to find the other side of things as moving forward is the only way. What has happened happened, now ask yourself how do I improve? Indeed, this is something different than the usual Andrew Rayel trance records….and I’m not sure, as an artist it’s so important to never feel boxed in, creativity should be all around, with keeping in mind that trance will always be what my heart is, so such records are just an experimental process that I hope you will enjoy as much as I have and uplift your mood!

Nocturnal Times: When you start working on a new track do you have a special process? Do you work around the vocal? Do you find a vocal fitting to your melody? Or is there another mystery we do not know about and you want to share with us?

Andrew Rayel: It depends, each process is different, sometimes I start with the vocal if I have one in hand, sometimes I start with a melody…there is “formula” to creating something. And that’s the beauty of how each record comes to life.

Nocturnal Times: Over the last couple of years you’ve worked with endless talented artists. But, there are also so many out there who you haven’t worked with. What artists would you like to work with? Who you haven’t worked with before and why?

Andrew Rayel: I would say Hans Zimmer would be my ideal dream collab for sure! I don’t think such a name needs an explanation haha.

Nocturnal Times: Is there anything else you want to share with readers?

Andrew Rayel: Thank You for always having me and supporting my music for over years, I hope you stay safe and healthy, and remember…Silver Linings 😉


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