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Jubël Brings an Incredible “Weekend Vibe” [Interview]



Extraordinary Swedish electronic duo Jubël embark on their 2021 journey with the release of their stunning new single, “Weekend Vibe.” The exotic pop-leaning track is only a small glimpse of what’s to come from the eclectic pair, as they expand their signature sound to completely distinct and unfamiliar sonic realms. 

With over 1.8 million streams on Spotify since its January 15th release date, “Weekend Vibe” has already captured the hearts of many across the globe. As their first release of 2021, the mood-boosting tune follows all the massive success from their previous 2018 release, “Dancing In The Moonlight” featuring NEIMY – and we wouldn’t be surprised if this one becomes another one of their international sensations.

“For ‘Weekend Vibe’, we were like, ‘Let’s do something we would never do.’ We didn’t overthink it, and we tried not to copy ourselves. The song sounds nothing like our previous songs, but there are elements we’ve played with before, and we combined a lot of different styles. We took a lot of inspiration from producers like Bruno Mars, Pharell, and ourselves and just tried to make something fresh.” – Jubël

Hoping to offer the world a breath of fresh air with their reinvented sound, Jubël showcases their true artistic and visionary nature with “Weekend Vibe.” An energetic, electropop tune fueled by festive melodies, “Weekend Vibe” is the forward-looking groove-tune we all needed to kick off the new year on a positive note. With so much more creative flare left to unveil in the months to come, Jubël has managed to enliven our senses tremendously with this phenomenal new record.

Get ready to step into that joyful party mentality we all miss dearly as the duo talks all things “Weekend Vibe” and more in our exclusive Nocturnal Times interview with them below.

Nocturnal Times: Thanks for chatting with us guys! How’s your 2021 treating you so far? 

JUBËL: 2021 started off really good with lots of things happening, feels exciting! 

Nocturnal Times: Your newest single, “Weekend Vibe” is finally out for fans to indulge in. Was there a particular reason you decided to release the track during the first month of the new year?

JUBËL: Actually we were meant to release “Weekend Vibe” during summer 2020 but due to the massive success with “Dancing In The Moonlight” we felt that we wanted to wait a bit to give “Weekend Vibe” room. The timing now feels very good, we want people to listen to the track and feel nice and during these months, especially here in Sweden it’s really grey and dark. Hopefully “Weekend Vibe” can bring some sunshine… 

Nocturnal Times: Tell us more about the creative process behind “Weekend Vibe.” How did the idea for the tune come to be in the first place?

JUBËL:  It started off with an Acoustic Guitar, just playing the chords. Then we came up with the main melody and we worked from there. 

Nocturnal Times:  What’s the overall message you’re hoping to relay to listeners with “Weekend Vibe?”

JUBËL: It’s a feel-good song about living everyday as if it is the weekend… We want people to feel happy when listening to the song! 

Nocturnal Times:  “Weekend Vibe” is a track unlike any of your previous releases. What inspired you to go outside the norm and design a completely distinct soundscape to showcase to the world?

JUBËL: We always play around with different sounds and genres when creating music, it’s more fun not trying to re-create something that we’ve done before. For “Weekend Vibe” we got inspired after listening a lot to 70s music, the main melody in the hook has that feeling. 

Nocturnal Times: Now that you’ve tweaked your signature sound a bit, will your forthcoming releases also feature these exotic, pop-leaning dance melodies?

JUBËL: Our next releases will have a bit of the same touch to it but as we mentioned we are trying not to copy ourselves so there will be a few surprises 😀 ! With that said, our main signature is Sebastian singing and a strong guitar hook, these elements we are using in all of our tracks 🙂 

Nocturnal Times: Are there any unreleased special projects or exciting collaborations you’re working on currently that you’d like to share with your fans?

JUBËL: There are actually a lot of exciting collaborations coming up, can’t say more than that 😉

Nocturnal Times: With the release of “Weekend Vibe” as your first 2021 venture, what’s your main focus as a duo for the remainder of the year in regards to your music career aspirations?

JUBËL: We will release more new music and try to showcase it. As the situation is now we have to get creative. There are some digital events coming up that we are joining and hopefully we can soon get back on the road 🙂

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