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​Smoketown​’s Brand New Release​”Runaway” Out Now



Last year Truman Fenley aka Smoketown released the well-received “City Lights.” ​Now Smoketown returns with his new explosive pop-leaning electronic cut “Runaway.”

The track instantly blasts you with a chopped guitar and an unforgettable vocal. At the first few seconds one might actually forget this is a house music track, but Smoketown maintains the house music style of his previous releases. His style that connected with a newfound and ever-expanding international audience. He now shows even more of his boundless potential as a multi-versed artist.

Smoketown may be new to the scene but don’t let that fool you. At a mere 19 years of age, he has been carefully crafting a sound he describes as “fun, inspirational” electronic music. “Runaway” is out today under Sony’s label Disco:Wax. 


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