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Tommy La Croix Teases Debut LP with Lead Single “Danza De Trompeta”



Canadian DJ/Producer Tommy La Croix has steadily been developing his reputation and making a name for himself since the beginning of his career. Now, the artist is excitingly putting forth his debut album, Requiem D’amour, which will sonically portray who he is musically in a full-fledged body of work. To give perspective towards what’s offered in the album, the LP’s lead single, “Danza De Trompeta” is a one-of-a-kind house hit that combines deep Afro percussion with a sultry flair. 

Released via Aquarius Records, the album will consist of six tracks and is planned to be fully released on September 17th. The forthcoming LP can be categorized from various production elements within the tracks but is a collection of deep house music that’s inspired by a plethora of organic sounds and Afro rhythms.  

Based out of Canada, Tommy La Croix has been establishing his career for some time, making a name for himself in Montreal, while also playing shows at venues like Soubois, Flyjin, King Crab, Burning Man, and many more. Now he’s using his prowess and new persona to emerge in the electronic music community as a consistent house music icon, with his new body of work, Requiem D’amour, coming out on September 17th. 


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