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Slushii Debuts “Valhalla” & Enters SMITE Video Game



In partnership with video game SMITE, Slushii is debuting his brand-new track “Valhalla” and entering SMITE as part of the Monstercat Battle Pass in-game on May 18. 

When you see or heard the world “Valhalla,” chances are thoughts of some sort of epicene one way or another come to mind. This song lives up to that reputation by immersing listeners in its world of big sound. This song wastes no time in turning up the volume and heat as Slushii lays down every ounce of adrenaline one could ask for. Backed by his signature sound, “Valhalla” also boasts an alluring vocal that ropes listeners into its journey even further.

The incorporation with SMITE is quite the nifty mash up. This will see stems from “Valhalla” will uniquely integrate with gameplay, as Slush’s character Hades uses ability moves on the Battleground. This is also not the first time Slushii has mixed in with the gaming world, in fact he’s very familiar. Back in September, he swept through the Fornite Party Royale stage for their third concert ever, showcasing the fastest-growing Monsterdcat track to date, “All I Need.”

Additionally, Slushii has released music in titles like Rocket League and Beat saber, and has also become known to be a champion for building safe communities in the gaming space. He’s done this by using his platform to help kids who have experienced bullying, or suffer from Asperger’s or Autism. Now, SMITE is the next step in Slushii’s involvement with this infinity unique realm, and “Valhalla” is the perfect track to make such a mark. 


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