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Simulatedream Debuts Project with Mesmerizing House Single “Breakpoints”




Proudly making his first statement in the electronic music space, Los Angeles based artist, Simulatedream, has just unveiled his debut single, “Breakpoints,” igniting the launch of his new project that he’s incubated for the past few years. The track is a beautiful portrayal of nostalgic memories, constructed with an addicting 4-on-the-floor percussive forefront, riveting synth-work, and layered tenderly with vocal chop melodies that energize the soul. 

Catering a dreamlike listening experience, “Breakpoints” is a genuine portrayal of Simulatedream’s artistic endeavors, as the track is meant to amplify the small moments that make life – life. With the intent of creating a timeless music project built around sentimental nostalgia, Simulatedream is a sensory time capsule that depicts an appreciation of elegance, sophistication, grace, and natural beauty. 

The brainchild behind Simulatedream, Matthew Lee, is a digital creator and music industry professional who’s spent the past couple years developing and nurturing the project. As an individual who thrives off of creativity and innovation, Matthew has developed a faceted skill set that allows him to portray and exhibit his artistic talents through various canvases and mediums. A pioneer in his crafts, he’s the brainchild and incubator for all things creative in the Simulatedream project.

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