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Trance and IDM Pioneer BT Releases New Double Single Showcase



Legendary writer, producer, composer, and instrumentalist BT, who has been active in the music industry with a prolific career that spans over 25 years, has just delighted his dedicated fan base with the release of his newest double single, “1AM in Paris” / “The War”.

Both “1AM in Paris” and “The War” showcase different sides of BT’s unique sound. Created in collaboration with Matt Fax, “1AM in Paris” is bright and upbeat, written quickly in back-and-forth Skype and email sessions between the two artists. It’s the perfect song to encapsulate the quarantine atmosphere of the last several months, while also uplifting spirits with its energetic, transcendent melodies.

“The War,” on the other hand, is the perfect counterpoint to “1AM in Paris.” The song “started life as a super rough, piano, and vocal demo from Iraina Mancini, Si Hulbert, and Paul Harris from Dirty Vegas,” BT explains. “There is so much going on in here it’s hard to figure out where to start. This is one of the most complicated pieces (sound design, musically, and arrangement) on the whole album. The first self-imposed marching order was: How do I make this go from something that sounds like a full live band to angular/esoteric glitch to trap to drum and bass and back?”

Gritty and earthy, “The War” criss-crosses back and forth seamlessly between multiple genres, all tied together with Iraina Mancini’s smooth and effortless vocals and BT’s signature “Stutter Edit” technique. In fact, “The War” is the showcase single for BT and iZotope’s new Stutter Edit 2. Stutter Edit 2 is the music producer’s dream plug-in; it allows editors to create the famous “stutter” sound, producing high-quality club-ready material at the click of a button. Stutter Edit has completely revolutionized the edited soundscape, and has been used on everything from Star Wars to Stranger Things.

The GRAMMY-nominated film composer, multi-instrumentalist, and trance icon has been involved in a variety of projects over the course of his lengthy career. Trained as a classical composer, BT has composed full-length scores for films like Monster, Solace, and The Fast and the Furious, as well as the entire Tomorrowland section of Shanghai Disney. He’s also remixed songs by some of the world’s greatest musical artists like Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, NSYNC, Tiesto, Depeche Mode, Armin van Buuren, Madonna, and Death Cab for Cutie.

Despite the challenges of producing during the age of social distancing, BT is continuing to produce his legendary tracks, telling fans to be on the lookout for his forthcoming new artist album slated for release later this summer.

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