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MJ Kuok’s New Album ‘Atlas’ Just Dropped — And It’s a Must Listen 



From receiving support on Spotify’s editorial playlists Electro Mix, Party Life, and Top Hits Singapore, to having his music played by Mediacorp on their 2016 Olympic Games broadcast, MJ Kuok has had no shortage of huge accomplishments throughout his long and fruitful career. The Singapore-born artist got his first big break after competing on Singapore Idol as a finalist and went on to develop a passion for electronic music production and DJing. Now, the result of his massive dedication to his craft over several years has finally been released to the world: his new album Atlas. Comprised of 11 stunning tracks in length, Atlas is a soothing sonic journey through smooth melodies and immersive ambiances, while holding a very personal meaning for MJ Kuok.

“I have dabbled in quite a number of aspects in the music industry from being a singer-songwriter to performing at major electronic festival circuits as a DJ to now, music production and ultimately rediscovering and finding a true sense of comfort in feel-good beats that I work on,” says the artist. “Every song in ‘Atlas’ not only sheds light on a personal moment or experience but also captures an all-encompassing positive theme of hope and courage.”

Operating in the impressive universe of Atlas, MJ Kuok has also unveiled a collection of exclusive, 1/1 NFTs that take the album’s experience to the next level, depicting stunning landscapes in colorful stylizations. Listeners will certainly be able to hear tracks from ‘Atlas’ in MJ Kuok’s upcoming live stream performance on this month’s TikTok Music Night #HouseParty edition on 17 September 2021, Thursday 7:30 PM (GMT+8) via the @TikTokMusicNight TikTok account, where he will be representing Singapore along with artists from the APAC and ANZA regions.

Featured photo credit: MJ Kuok


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