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“Fall Into The Night” With Able Grey’s Latest



Chicago’s own Able Grey returns with his latest genre-bending track, “Fall Into The Night” on March 26. The talented rising act continues his successful singles run with “Fall Into The Night,” which is a melodic, pop-infused gem. Perfectly equipped with a poppy percussion, future bass aesthetics, and catchy vocals to boot. Comprised of a chorus with repetitively contagious lyrics, “Fall Into The Night” effortlessly fits amid Able Grey’s ever-growing repertoire.

Grey’s discography is rapidly growing, including his previous single “Out Of My Mind,” which generated buzz and garnered critical acclaim. Able Grey has already dropped a whopping 11 tracks — a combination of his remixes, his originals, and others remixing his work — since the beginning of 2021.

This is the track that started this project around 2 years ago. Felt it was only right to end on it. I really tried to combine certain elements and make drops that changed in unexpected ways. This is not the end of my music or this style of music for me by any means, just the finale of this specific chapter. Since I finished this project I’ve been working on so much more music that takes parts of different chapters of my production career and spins them in newer and cooler ways. I’m so beyond excited to share all of it with you!” – Able Grey


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