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Christina Novelli Shares Insight on Acoustic Project & Album ‘Through My Eyes’ [Interview]



If you’re a trance music fanatic, there’s no doubt you’ve heard Christina Novelli’s angelic vocals on some of your favorite tracks. The vocalist, songwriter, and DJ has demonstrated her many talents over the years through her diversified portfolio of musical endeavors. To close out 2019 with a bang, she’s blessed us all with the release of her first official album titled Through My Eyes [The Acoustic Sessions Vol. 1].

Through My Eyes depicts everything you need to know about Christina Novelli’s musical background and stays true to everything she proudly stands for. The album beautifully exposes Christina’s unique and elegant musical style, with those same enchanting vocals that tend to give listeners goosebumps every single time. While her more upbeat dance classics like “Listen To Your Heart” with Dash Berlin and “Save Me” alongside Gareth Emery will forever be fan-favorites, this special acoustic project is set to capture listeners’ hearts and take them on a serene musical journey like never before.

The 12-track acoustic masterpiece features a harmonious story line, inclusive of in-depth, meaningful lyrics and stunning piano synths throughout its entirety. Through My Eyes is a reflection of Christina’s essence, unafraid of emerging emotions and feeling them deeply. The album heavily emphasizes the concept of human emotion and the sincerity behind the human soul. It’s a wholehearted work of art, and while each track tells its own personal tale, the entire album is merely one book consisting of its different chapters.

Through My Eyes isn’t afraid of what’s real, instead, it conveys the most touching and sentimental aspects of life and human nature from start to finish. Featuring tracks with titles like “I’m Ok” and “It’ll End In Tears,” there’s no doubt this one will embark listeners on a full on emotional roller coaster ride. As the latest acoustic album on Black Hole Recording’s roster, this one is evidently meant to expose Christina’s own vision of her music.

We got to speaking with Christina Novelli ourselves about all things Through My Eyes [The Acoustic Sessions Vol. 1], and discovered some pretty fascinating aspects regarding all things related to the album. From what inspired her creativity to more in-depth details about the meaning behind the project, check out our latest Nocturnal Times exclusive interview with the fascinating artist behind this beautifully curated album below.

The Nocturnal Times: You’ve aided in creating some of the most beautiful melodies and lyrics for numerous trance tracks, where would you say most of your songwriting ideas stem from?

Christina Novelli: Well firstly, thank you! My inspiration for writing comes from my personal life experiences and all of the people in it.

The Nocturnal Times: You’ve also collaborated with multiple prominent artists in the dance music scene like Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin, Markus Schulz, and many others. Have any of these artists in particular inspired you or helped guide you to get to where you are at this point in your music career?

Christina Novelli: Yes, definitely! Gareth Emery is the reason I first entered into the electronic music scene to begin with. He introduced me to the genre that I fell in love with and has been a great support on my journey. There are also so many other people along the way that have inspired and continue to inspire me.

The Nocturnal Times: Looking back at when you first decided to pursue a career in music, did you ever think you’d actually put out your own official album?

Christina Novelli: I did actually. Music was something that ran through my veins. I started writing and singing from a very young age and had a band in my teens and was a touring solo artist in my twenties. I was always going to pursue a career in music but I am very humbled by the amount of support I get in doing what I love. Releasing this album is a dream come true. Something I have worked so hard on for so many years to achieve.

The Nocturnal Times: Between song writing, being in the studio, and traveling around the globe to DJ at multiple venues, how did you manage to balance everything out in the midst of creating your debut album project Through My Eyes?

Christina Novelli: Recording this album was completely exhausting but also exhilarating at the same time! I basically cleared my schedule of everything except shows and locked myself in a studio to record it. I was still touring at the same time so it was a very tedious balancing act! Something that took a whole team, a lot of all nighters and 7 day weeks and I couldn’t be happier with the result!

The Nocturnal Times: As one of the very few acoustic albums on Black Hole Recordings, why did you choose the acoustic route for your debut album in particular?

Christina Novelli: This album is something I’ve been wanting to make for well over 10 years. A lot of my songs are originally acoustic songs written to piano or keys that are then produced  into dance songs. This album was my opportunity to strip my songs back to the raw beginning of them and share with my listeners the way I initially wrote and envisioned them. You will find that there are second verses in the acoustic songs that never quiet made it across to the dance versions which give you a deeper insight into what they are about. This album was a passion project, every song on the album is very close to my heart and is a personal experience that I have been through or are going through. I wear my heart on my sleeve with this album and acoustic was the best for me to convey this.  I am so grateful to be able to share it with the world. And so proud to have done so with ‘Black Hole Recordings’. Arny and his team have been amazing. 

The Nocturnal Times: Through My Eyes features 12 tracks altogether. Is there a specific track (or tracks) that you hold close to your heart more than others? If so, can you tell us more about why that is?

Christina Novelli: Another brilliant question! All of these songs are incredibly special to me. As a writer and an artist you pour your heart out in your music, lay yourself bare and leave your self very vulnerable. Every song on this album is very close to my heart and is inspired by a personal experience or emotion that I have been through or felt. This is why everyone of these songs is close to my heart.

The Nocturnal Times: What message are you hoping to relay to listeners after they hear the album’s full track list storyline?

Christina Novelli: There isn’t one specific message I am hoping to relay, it’s more about sharing personal experiences. The track list conveys a wide array of emotions, a very intimate and personal experience that gives the listener a deeper insight to who I am and takes them on a journey of life and the everyday experiences that we all go through. My hope is that my listeners can relate to it.

The Nocturnal Times: Is there a story behind the album’s chosen title?   

Christina Novelli: There is a story behind it.  A beautiful family story.  The albums title invites the listener to go on a journey with and see ‘through my eyes.’

The Nocturnal Times: The album’s full title is technically Through My Eyes [The Acoustic Sessions Vol. 1], does this mean that we should look out for a Volume 2 in the near future?

Christina Novelli: It may very well mean this 😉 Watch this space!

Photos Courtesy of Record Dance Radio

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