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Yvng Jalapeño Lands his ‘Lunatic’ EP on Jauz’s Bite This!



Australian-based multi-artist Yvng Jalapeño is revealing his brand-new Lunatic EP out via Jauz’s Bite This! Spanning four tracks, the EP has a little something for everyone and it’s one roundup you don’t want to miss. 

The four tracks include “Losing Myself” featuring wilo wilde, “Lunatic” featuring Peytn, “Clockwork” featuring Jayceeoh, and “Another Day” once again featuring wilo wilde. While “Losing Myself” and “Lunatic” have already been teased out, the ladder two will be a first-time reveal on release day. 

Altogether, this EP morphs together with grandiose sound and finely-tweaked stylizations. “Losing Myself” sends the brain through a maze of genre incorporations and energy levels. This single is an excellent example of how he can compose the sweet and the sour together harmoniously. “Clockwork” adds more theatrics to the experience while Jayceeoh’s production makes a distinct cut. “Lunatic” marks the wildest of the group, positioning itself perfectly as the secret weapon festival DJs will use to absolutely freak out a crowd. Lastly, “Another Day” sees wildo walde shake up the energy alongside Yvng Jalapeño’s glitching master system of sound. 

Yvng Jalapeño has garnered support by talents like JOYRYDE, Jauz, Tisoki, Just A Gent, and tons more. On the touring front, he’s held the stage down alongside artists including What’s So Not, Blanke, Jacknife, JOYRYDE, and more all around the world. 


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