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Winter Music Conference 2020: Celebrating 35 Years of Dance Music in Miami



Oh yes, its that time of year when everything essential to Miami Music Week slowly becomes announced. Before we know it, we’ll all be back on sunny Miami Beach celebrating what we all love and cherish the most: electronic dance music. But way before the Miami Music Week days, the annual Winter Music Conference (WMC) has been the long-standing premiere platform for all things electronic music. It’s a concept that has completely shaped and revolutionized one of the most prominent weeks in music, and after 35 years in the making, it will be back in 2020 for its most legendary showcase to date.

This past March, Miami witnessed the Winter Music Conference evolve immensely, and it’s only unfolding more profoundly this time around. It’s soon to be 35th anniversary is a reminder that it is the oldest dance music conference still in tact today, which is just another reason as to why it needs to be celebrated even more during next year’s activities. Every year, both hosts and attendees alike make an impact in our industry simply by sharing the same interests and passions for this intriguing world of music we live in today, and we can’t wait to experience it during its most prestigious installment yet in just a few months.

From March 16-20, 2020, we’ll all get to be a part of a completely revamped version of the Winter Music Conference we’ve always known and been fond of. Next year’s Winter Music Conference returns to the renowned Faena Forum right in the heart of Collins Avenue with even more updates, panels, demos, and intuitive programming than ever before, immersing like-minded individuals into a world full of everything electronic music, enhanced learning, and life-changing endeavors.

“If you want to know about our industry from the people that make it happen then go to WMC. It’s an accelerated masterclass in all things dance music.” – Carl Cox, DJ/Producer

The future of the Winter Music Conference will continue to prioritize its essential purpose: to unite an aspiring generation of industry professionals and music aficionados for an entire week to continue to push the dance music movement to even greater heights. Who would’ve thought that an annual gathering back in the 80s would be responsible for the initial boom of an entire industry? Well, here we are almost 35 years later with an even stronger sense of purpose and direction and we’re totally here for it.

As always, WMC’s engagement will consist of a plethora of different music-related topics for any artists, producers, A&R managers, entrepreneurs, and newcomers seeking a closer look into the intriguing world of the dance music industry. For its 2020 installment, the conference will be promoting three different badges so that each attendee can get the most of their WMC experience based on their specific needs. With WMC Access being the one recommended for newcomers, WMC Plus will be offering additional industry panels, nightlife programming, and education sessions, and WMC Pro (limited to only 300 passes will feature exclusive mentor sessions and industry mixers on top of everything else.

If you’re ready to dive deeply into the backbone of the electronic music industry, then the Winter Music Conference will be the place to be during this upcoming Miami Music Week. All badges are on sale now, so make sure to check out more details on the official Winter Music Conference website below. March can’t come any sooner, we’re so ready to see what this special 35th anniversary celebration of WMC is going to entail.

All WMC badges can be purchased here –

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