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Watch Nathan Day’s Brand-New Music Video for “Friends”



Out today, Nathan Day is releasing his brand-new music video for “Friends” which he directed himself. Continuing to build his vibrant and artistic world, this song and video go hand-in-hand to represent a one-of-a-kind story together. 

In this video, viewers are introduced to the Rabbit who may look familiar to some. At 6’2″ he towers in a bright pink, energizer bunny, rabbit suit while singing heavy tunes about dark topics. Ultimately, this is creating one grandoise oxymoron, two polar opposites coming together to create one story – representing the bipolar nature of mania and depression, highs and lows, and intense mood swings.

Many music lovers around the world are already familiar with Nathan Day, who continues to surprise and delight the scene with effervescent and colorful new ideas. To provide further insight into this video itself, we can turn to his very own cast of imaginary characters. He’s gone above and beyond to bring these characters to life in charisma and costume, each one representing a different mental illness. “She Came Down From The Stars” = The Alien: feelings of alienation, isolation + abandonment. “Fade Like You” = The Skeleton: fear of death, emptiness, existential defeat, and lastly, “Friends” = The Rabbit: bipolar disorder, the ultimate oxymoron and representing two polar opposites coming together to create one story.


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