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TWO LANES Drop “Movement” As Precursor For Debut Album ‘Duality’



Known for their innovative and immersive sound design, electronica duo TWO LANES is back with their brand-new single, “Movement”. Like many of the pair’s originals, this track defies the limits of space and time, transporting listeners to an alternate melodic dimension. The single will be their very last before the full reveal of the highly-anticipated album Duality, dropping June 16, 2023. From the album, the roll out of previous singles on DSPs this year and the rinsing of songs during live performances has fans on the edge of their seats when it comes to getting that full taste of what Duality will bring to the table.

“Movement” is part of our live set and we have played it out many times throughout our tour last year. It is always one of our favorite moments when we perform it because some parts offer room for improvisational moments where we can play a synth voice and effects live. These more “open” and spacial parts then lead into an energetic drop with a gritty sounding arpeggiator. This track is more on the clubby side of things and shows a different sonic spectrum on the album. It is also the last single before our debut album will be out.” – TWO LANES

Wasting no time in delivering its hypnotic aura, “Movement” opens with a resonating kick drum and delicate progressions of synths. As the bassline carries on, more and more auditory elements are blended into the mix. The intricate melting pot of chilling effects and dreamy instrumental layers within “Movement” present a deep state of relaxation and introspection among its audience. Keeping things interesting, TWO LANES guides the song into a riveting drop that encompasses a gritty-sounding arpeggiator. “Movement” marks the final chapter toward a defining full album release that will push the TWO LANES phenomenon toward a new plateau of creativity and notoriety. “Movement” is out now on all streaming platforms ahead of their Duality album release on June 16.