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Transported Festival Prepares to Transcend Attendees Next Weekend



After a successful debut production back in 2019, the curators behind Transported Festival prepare to transcend attendees during its forthcoming second installment. Taking place at Club Getaway in Kent, Connecticut from Friday, July 30 to Sunday, August 1, Transported Festival the ideal summer camping getaway for electronic music lovers on the East coast. With a brand new location in the thick of the Berkshire Mountains only about half an hour away from New York City, the festival is ready to welcome a wide array of wondrous attendees for a weekend full of music, wellness, art, nature and total rejuvenation. Tickets, camping and accommodations on sale now at 

Musically speaking, the second edition of Transported Festival is set to feature the remarkably diversified sounds from some some of the industry’s hottest names like Claptone, Dubfire, Chris Schweizer, Fatum, Lee Foss, Sharam, Chris Ferrer, Vintage Culture and many more. With aesthetically pleasing dynamic stage designs all over the campgrounds, each artist on the festival lineup is bound to transport attendees (literally) to an alternate universe full of mesmerizing soundscapes throughout the entire music-driven weekend retreat. After all, music heals all and what better way to demonstrate the power music has over our minds, bodies, and souls than by putting together a striking lineup full of 50+ inspiring artists?

Music aside, Transported Festival will also be hosting various activities to help attendees escape from the reality of everyday life and enter a tranquil, freeing world surrounded by Connecticut’s natural wonders. From mindfulness meditations and SannaOhana Yoga practices to massage parlors and hiking trails, Transported has it all to positively alter your state of mind and overall wellbeing. Captivating art installations and various art and fashion vendors will be dispersed all throughout the festival grounds as well to spark creativity into the atmosphere and ignite the wonderland vibe across the festival as well. Oh, and if you’re worried about food options, a plethora of food trucks spread across the festival grounds will host some of the most delicious cuisines for every diet preference, including vegan and kosher options. 

With the genuine intention to leave attendees fully regenerated and revitalized after being a part of this one-of-a-kind weekend escape, we promise that you won’t want to miss out on this unique total disconnect from the daily grind at Transported Festival. There’s nothing like being surrounded by like-minded music and wellness appreciators and taking a moment to let go snd simply breathe in the serenity that emerges when live music, art, and nature intertwine. Tickets, camping, and alternate VIP accommodations are on sale here, so get ready to be TRANSPORTED as we unite as one and groove under the stars once again. 

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