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TheFatRat Reveals the Beginning of His Epic Saga With “Out Of The Rain”



Known for his production and leadership in the gaming community, with his music being used in popular video games like the top-grossing Dota 2, Rocket League, Rolling Sky and Game For Peace, gaming music legend TheFatRat is ready for his newest release. For his new single “Out Of The Rain” he teamed up breakout alternative electronic singer-songwriter Shiah Maisel.

“It’s a song about hope…We all have been in circumstances that feel unbearable but at the same time impossible to escape from. The song is about how you keep going and stay alive in such situations.“- TheFatRat

TheFatRat released an inspiring single dedicated to people going through a hard time. “Out Of The Rain” is a song that acknowledges our continued perseverance, even when things get hard. One can instantly hear the subtle influences of his tried and true sounds on the track. Opening with a bubbly beat paired with a lighthearted drum sequence, the diverse sounds lead to a one of a kind listening experience as the song goes on. As the energy of the music escalates,  the bass drop approaches and listeners get the feeling that if this was a video game they are preparing for the boss battle.

“When Christian first showed me the song, I instantly knew these lyrics were ones that I wanted to sing. With such a deep and inspirational message that many can relate to, the world is in a vulnerable place, and the hope the song brings is very needed today…I’ve looked up to [him] for many years, and to be able to record with Chris in the studio was a dream come true. Everything flowed perfectly, and I’m so excited to inspire the world with this special song.” – Shiah Maisel

“Out Of The Rain” begins to reveal the much anticipated beginning to his epic saga and is now available on all DSPs and streaming services and is free to use on Social Media like YouTube and Twitch, true to TheFatRat’s tradition to make his songs available for creators without the hassle of demonetization.