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GRAVEDGR Goes Hard Techno With “Afterlife”



The mysterious masked, shovel-wielding menace called GRAVEDGR is back. The man, the myth the legend that is dressed in black who wears a face mask, bucket hat, trench coat, and military boots at all times is out to take our souls once more. With his newest bass stomper “Afterlife,” the hooded figure is ready to reinvent himself once again. No one knows what GRAVEDGR looks like, who he is, or his mysterious origin story but that all doesn’t matter cause it is with his music that leaves an everlasting impression on listeners around the globe.

“I made this track while I was staying in Rotterdam (NL) last July. I decided to experiment with Techno since I felt surrounded by that environment during the festival season. Ever since I created that track, I fell in love with techno, hard techno. I guess you can say it was a pivotral point in my music career” – Gravedgr

With “Afterlife” we see GRAVEDGR walking on a new path in his musical career, switching up his style from raw trap to hard techno. Those that have been blessed with seeing this menace live these last couple of weeks have had the privilege of hearing “Afterlife” being played live and feeling the intense sound this beast spreads. While the melody steadily keeps stomping, the drop comes in to obliterate us raw, adding in some soul stirring vocals “wither is god he cried…..” and you have something that will haunt you for nights to come. “Afterlife” is here to dominate your senses. “Afterlife” is out now on all streaming platforms.