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The Nocturnal Times Top Electronic/Dance Songs 2020



There’s no denying that 2020 feels like the longest year of our time — and yet, it’s still coming to an end. Along with all of the trials and tribulations this year had to offer, there was just the right song to accompany each and every one of our moods.

With live music, music festivals, concerts, nightclubs, and almost all events coming to a halt, music became more important than ever before. Artists spent their time releasing singles, EPs, remixes, LPs, and partaking in live streams. Even The Nocturnal Times did our part in raising awareness and relief for COVID-19 with our 3-day World On Pause Festival, a virtual fundraising event with 60+ artists.

From mainstream EDM (electronic dance music) to underground, club bangers to pop-infused anthems, electronica to house, radio-friendly tunes to chart-topping masterpieces, bass to techno, trance to progressive, and house to trap, we always look forward to bringing you our top songs each year. And without exemption, this year, when the music mattered most — and maybe we needed it the most — the quantity and quality of new music was unparalleled.

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Helping us all to get through the year, we’re proud to present to you The Nocturnal Times Top Electronic/Dance Songs of 2020.

For the full list of The Nocturnal Times Top Electronic/Dance Songs 2020, visit the next page (listed alphabetically). Check out the full playlist, below.

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