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Tara Jam Premieres Debut Single & Music Video, “Motion Sickness”



There’s a new immensely talented multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, director, and photographer extraordinaire exploding onto the scene in a big way — and her name is Tara Jam. Meet the gifted artist hailing from Toronto who is making her debut on Friday, October 16 with “Motion Sickness”, her first original single.

“Motion Sickness” cover artwork

After making its debut at 11:11 am EST, the official music video for Tara Jam’s “Motion Sickness” is the perfect accompaniment to the silky tune from the budding talent. “Motion Sickness” derived from recalling the sentiments of being immersed in an unknown environment— intoxicated. Waking up with no sense of where you are or how you ended up there will inevitably result in internal chaos.

WATCH: Tara Jam – “Motion Sickness (Official Music Video)

“I wrote this song on a guitar, then my producer SPVDE (@​acexfspvdes​) created this beat almost immediately after I played it. The video incorporates scenes of visual distortion that complement the lyrics—directed by Charlton Visuals and I.” – Tara Jam

Her Persian-Zoroastrian upbringing has infused her musicality with a spirit for connection and fidelity to authenticity. Tara Jam has been songwriting since the age of six, has studied for over a decade in the conservatory of music, and is of third generation musical talent. Her sound is inspired by alternative, lo-fi, pop, with hues of trap and acoustic. The auditory acuity and wide vocal range she has mastered gives her the ease to create and explore in all styles, all while preserving (like Jam) her soul-stirring, melodious lyricism. 


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