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Statement! Deep! Celebrates Debut Release by Naz [Premiere]



Presenting their newest exploration into the industry, treasured label Statement! Music! is marking an exciting chapter. They’re ringing in the Statement! Deep! imprint with Australian artist Naz. Currently residing in the mecca of dance music, Amsterdam, it’s no surprise she is the first musical genius to celebrate Statement! Deep!. The Nocturnal Times has the distinct pleasure of running the world premiere of Naz’s “Voodoo” and “Lost.”

Statement! Deep! signed Naz’s terrific two-track EP which features “Voodoo” and “Lost,” both supreme songs that represent everything this new imprint sets out to embody and represent. Kicking off the EP is “Voodoo.” Setting the scene for the alluring mood of the EP, this one wastes no time in putting forth low, deep vibes underneath a smooth lead vocal. Finessed with progressive tones and dark rhythms, “Voodoo” sends listeners straight into a deep electronic haven. On the flip side of the EP is “Lost.” Taking the tempo up just a notch higher, “Lost” is a potent and ambient addition to not only Naz’s repertoire but the Statement! Deep! vision as a whole. 

“I made Voodoo at the beginning of the year and then kind of left it for a few months because I just didn’t like the direction it was going in. I revisited it after a while and that’s when the melody came into my head and it just sort of fit and so I went from there. I was still really unsure about it though because I wasn’t really sure what genre I would even call this… it was a bit different. But then from the early days of dropping it on Rodg’s Demo Streams and then Rodg playing it on his Friday night streams and seeing the reaction from people, it really took me by surprise!” – Naz

The backstory to Naz finding her way to Statement! is nothing short of a proper scene discovery. Label head Ruben de Ronde has rounded up some of the most genuine creative minds to be part of this team, and Dutch DJ/Producer Rodg was front and center of Naz’s discovery. Throughout this year that’s been full of lockdowns and no live events, Rodg has remained at the forefront of live Twitch streams and connecting with fans in this new virtual way. 

During his ‘Rodg Factor’ streams, aspiring artists can submit demos to Rodg. He then delivers feedback and the live chat can also weigh in on their opinions as well. Out of the extensive amount of submissions, one talent took the limelight above all else, and that person was Naz. Signing “Voodoo” and “Lost,” Statement! Deep! is on the road to carving out one of the best new names out there. 

“What really motivated me was that I wanted to see more female artists in the industry, especially in the progressive and melodic scene. My aim when starting was to try and bring something new and interesting to the table and to also define a ‘sound’ for myself. In five years I would hopefully have that established ‘Naz’ sound that is recognized, pushing boundaries with genres and style and sound design, and connecting with people all over the world along with my Statement! Family.” – Naz


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