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Sparkee & LIINKS Come Together for NuDisco Track “’84”



With a massive catalog to offer and an always feel-good, often disco and house inspired style that can both be heavy and friendly, Sparkee has taken full advantage of using technology and electronic music to reach a massive audience. “’84,” his latest single featuring a classic-retro theme, induces a fresh twist on a Sparkee vibe. Aligning funk, soul, plus highly infectious pop vocal toplines and atmosphere’s, the experience closes with a fast paced guitar solo that hones in on an abrupt ending.

The track features Sparkee’s signature NuDisco-style which consists of the funk-filled basslines, syncopated synth hooks, and all-around groove. This is just a small taste of things to come for the funky guitar shredder. Sparkee, who programmed a “technically impossible” bass line for a remix of deadmau5’s iconic “Strobe,” garnered huge online attention when deadmau5 called it “impossible.” The bass guitar phenomenon David504 caught deadmau5 in his lie and shredded the Sparkee’s bassline to prove that it wasn’t, in fact, impossible. The video went viral and still stands in the all time top post on Reddit’s /r/videos.

“I really wanted to make a fun feel-good track with a retro vibe. I made a disco-pop beat and spiced it up with some funky guitars and bass. I sent the instrumental over to LIINKS and they absolutely nailed it! Working with LIINKS is so fun – they always exceed my expectations.” – Sparkee

“ We love working with Sparkee and when he sent us the beat it gave us big 80’s pop vibes. It made us think about the first time we met and how it felt like dejavu…like we had been in that moment before…so we went with that retro theme and it all just kind of fell into place..” – LIINKS


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