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Shöckface and ero808 Entering 2022 with “Inbetween”



Shöckface and ero808 kick start the new year rekindling their twin flame on “Inbetween,” a new collaboration from the bright, creative souls. After their massively successful collaboration “METANÖIA,” which lit the ears of bassheads all across the world, they have returned.

“I was in between living situations when I wrote this. I remember just being posted up inside my car, writing, in a Whole Foods parking lot (they always have free WiFi). I had a lot on my mind that day. I sent the vocals to Shöckface and he built all the production around them. Not many producers can do that well, but he’s a fuckin genius man. This song was the beginning to me and Shöckface’s musical relationship, and we’ve worked on so many projects since then. I can’t wait for you guys to hear it all.”ero808

Ero808 and Shöckface present with “Inbetween” as an impassioned and sentimental journey through sound. The elusive avant-garde behind “METANÖIA” crafts an alluring and hypnotic introduction only to be complimented by the Denver based singer-songwriter and producer, ero808’s illustrious vocals. Evoking elements of airy floating soundscapes “Inbetween,” is sprinkled with panning synths, captivating ear candy and Shöckface’s signature distorted sounding synths. Shöckface and ero808 know how to perfectly fuse gritty jaw dropping layered bass with soft and harmonious vocal textures. “Inbetween” takes listeners soaring above the clouds or tucked up in their feels nowhere in between. Out now on Lowly Palace.


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