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Rich Furniss Releases New Track “Catch A Vibe”



Rich Furniss is a quickly growing name in the house music scene, garnering over 250,000 streams across all DSPs in less than a year. Now he has recently put forth a new tune for his fans and listeners, “Catch A Vibe,” which is a tech house / nu disco-infused track that’s perfect for any electronic music fanatic.

“Catch A Vibe” is a collaborative effort, featuring the vocals of L’Marco that help to sonically grab the attention of the listeners through its catchy lyrics and cadence. The single symbolizes Rich Furniss’ ability to continue growing with every release while showcasing his technical production prowess that’s audible all throughout the intricacies of the track. The synth work within “Catch A Vibe” is a vibe and the track’s modern edge drives its groove and sonic charm for Furniss’ listeners. 

All within the timeline of 2022, Rich Furniss debuted on labels Quincy Boy Records, Global305, In It Together Records, and now HouseU Records. The credits point toward an artist who works as hard as he does smart, with the soloist recapping the fruits of his labor. With support from outlets like YourEDM, Dancing Astronaut, FuxWithIt, The Nocturnal Times, and dozens of others notables press spots, Rich Furniss has scored major wins in a well-rounded way in just a short amount of time.

This determined talent has outdone himself on this single and has plenty more to come in 2022.


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