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Record Club Unveils “Without You,” Latest Single in Successful Originals Run to Close Out 2021



Record Club is a rising DJ/production duo whose name you will certainly not forget. Out today (Friday, December 10), the guys have just released their new high-octane single “Without You.”

Brothers Alex and Dan have had a stellar 2021, which has consisted of a successful run of original singles released from the summer through the end of the year. Closing things out this year with “Without You,” Record Club showcases their passion for music within each of the songs they create, which especially holds true on their newest production. There’s something about an emotionally-driven, melodic, well-produced record, that still has the power to move you (and your body) with its hands-in-the-air vibe, that absolutely stands out among others of its kind. Bringing back the big room, Record Club shines on “Without You” as their talent, artistry, and expressive creativity take a seat at the forefront.

This year alone, Record Club has been making their mark within the EDM scene with a string of original singles, including “We Don’t Care” (July 2021), “Burning Room” feat. Jaime Deraz (August 2021), “Crazy” (October 2021), “I Don’t Need You” (November 2021), and, of course, “Without You”, which Alex and Dan are dropping independently before the start of 2022.

“​​This is a track we’ve been sitting on for a while because we wanted to wait for the right time to release it. It’s one of our more aggressive sounding tracks, but it incorporates a contrasting style that we aim for with our music, which are melodic verses and edgier drops. This song will mark our fifth release since July, and is part of an overall plan to give our fans new Record Club music almost every month for the next year. Our goal with these releases is to show off our contrasting style in the two genres of music our sound is heavily influenced by, which is festival progressive and electro house. “Without You” will mark our second electro house song from our release plan, the first being “We Don’t Care” which came out in July. And in between these songs, we came out with three festival progressive house tracks that show our more melodic side. We have a lot more unreleased music ready to go, so we’re really looking forward to sharing it with the world over this next year and beyond.” – Record Club


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