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WHIPPED CREAM Ushers in New Music With “Lost My Way”



What was lost, has been rediscovered. Following a brief absence from the scene (punctuated by a mysterious series of “LOST” posters posted around North America), WHIPPED CREAM returns today with her brand new single “Lost My Way.”

The single is a manifestation of WHIPPED CREAM’s growing confidence in her true self, relying on her inner strength and parting ways with the circumstances that no longer serve her artistry. “Lost My Way” is a powerful departure from her sound and aesthetic, most notably, shedding the iconic white suit she donned throughout her Someone You Can Count On EP era and promises an inspiring evolution of her personal and musical journey. 

“Losing the suit symbolizes embracing the unknown and embarking on a fresh start, while having the confidence to leave behind past experiences with a genuine belief in new opportunities. It entails placing trust in the universal forces to guide you towards what is truly beneficial, rather than clinging to what doesn’t align with your inner sense of purpose and well-being.”– WHIPPED CREAM

WHIPPED CREAM invites listeners to explore the emotions that have shaped her, heard on the new record. Exploring her vocal range WHIPPED CREAM commands “Lost My Way” with her ethereal melody, showcasing an angelic voice that demonstrates her artistry beyond production. The single reverberates cinematically, injected with captivating beats and an enlivening Jersey-fueled bassline that not only speaks to the meaning behind the lyrics, but also captures the essence of her profound journey and self-discovery. “Lost My Way” is out now on all streaming platforms through Monstercat.

Accompanying this amazing track is a spectacular music video that stunningly portrays the expedition of her upcoming era. Viewers will watch her drown the “Someone You Can Count On” suit and emerge from the water cleansed, ready to take on the next chapter of her life. “Lost My Way” serves as the bridge between “Someone You Can Count On” and her awaited next chapter, leaving fans in anticipation.