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Porter Robinson Reveals Long-Awaited Third Album



Few artists have had such a meteoric rise followed by an extreme evolution of sound and style as Porter Robinson. The American producer continues to amaze and astonish fans at every turn of his remarkable career.

It has been three years since Porter Robinson delivered his sophomore album Nurture to fans around the world and now he seems ready to put that phase of his career behind him as he looks forward to his highly anticipated third album. Much like the time between his release of Worlds and Nurture, Robinson took to social media and his curated playlists to continue to “delete” songs from his catalog. This has been a unique process for the producer, and one that has certainly caused some uproar from fans as their favorite tracks seem to no longer be considered canon by their creator. Despite this, the excitement over the upcoming release certainly overshadows all doubts and concerns.

While few details have been revealed thus far, Robinson has updated his social media and website to feature a pink theme and new logo to begin the roll out. He has not yet announced the new album’s title or release date, but fans can register for updates here.