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PAROOKAVILLE Drops Aftermovie & Starts 2023 Presale



Following the three-year pandemic break, it was this summer that we were able to witness PAROOKAVILLE break its own attendance record. With a whopping 225,000 spectators from more than 40 countries, this remains the largest crowd visiting this festival to date. This past July the entire Parookaville site was filled with super-relaxed, joyous vibes. From the opening moments at the campsite to the intoxicating pre-party on Thursday, to the three spectacular show days with superstars including Tiësto, SteveAoki, Nervo and Robin Schulz, the Citizens of PAROOKAVILLE again finally filled their city with madness, love and pure happiness.

And it’s precisely these emotions that were captured by director Kevin Bressler and executive producer Charly Friedrichs along with their 21-member crew in hundreds of hours of film material. Over the last eight weeks they have edited all the material into an amazing 12-minute after-movie. The film perfectly reflects the unique character of PAROOKAVILLE in epic images and the cream-of-the-crop selection of music (from Martin Garrix, Steve Aoki and more). In addition, for the first time the movie features interviews with PAROOKAVILLE Citizens, who describe their experiences from this City in gripping terms.

Ticket prices for the majority of Citizens will largely remain consistent

Like everyone in the entire festival industry, the organizers of PAROOKAVILLE are also facing immense financial challenges as a result of all the various crises at the moment. All of the increases in material and personnel costs are in double-digit percentage figures, with some even doubling. Despite these uncertainties, there will be no comprehensive price increases for PAROOKAVILLE 2023. For regular tickets, the price adjustment will only come in at somewhere between 0 and 5%, far below the level of inflation.

“According to our Nielsen study, our Citizens have rewarded us for our efforts with their loyalty this year and with a level of intention to return in the future of more than 90%. For this reason, we have decided not to completely pass on the immense price increases of our suppliers, especially those providing accommodation, to the ticket prices. Our joyful anticipation of PAROOKAVILLE 2023 should now carry us together through a challenging winter. We want to continue to make sure that as many fans as possible can afford a ticket for PAROOKAVILLE.”- Bernd Dicks (co-founder and Managing Director of Parookaville GmbH)

You can grab for the 2013 edition here (starting from 2 October, 12 pm CET).


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