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Orang Utan & West Rose Collaborate on “Summer Simmer”



Continuing their fast-paced rise within the global electronic music scene, DJ/producer duo known as Orang Utan is poised to release a colorful, sun-kissed single fusing the best parts of multiple popular genres. “Summer Simmer” is a creative collaboration with indie-pop artist West Rose. This highly anticipated single, characterized by an innovative mix of new-wave pop and dance music.

“Summer Simmer, is all about those special summer days where you’re with your loved one enjoying the weather and happily simmering in each other’s arms,” – Orang Utan

“Summer Simmer” epitomizes the carefree, breezy energy that summer is all about, evoking the nostalgia of a dreamy sun-kissed day balanced by the cool tranquility of twilight. It serves as an audible chronicle of a coming-of-age journey, with an upbeat rhythm and catchy melodies that encapsulate the very essence of the season. Pulling together influences from the genres of house, new wave, pop, and electronic, “Summer Simmer” is truly in a lane of its own thanks to the talents of Orang Utan and West Rose and is out now through the well-established Position Music label.