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Orang Utan Continues Music Hot Streak Through Dimitri Vegas Edit of “Sugarmama”



Rising superstar duo, Orang Utan, has been recognized by many as a groundbreaking pair of producers that are forging their way through a distinct sound that blends elements of indie, progressive house, and electro-funk. Lately, they just put forth an edit of Dimitri Vegas’ release, “Sugarmama,” which is a dance anthem that embodies mesmerizing piano progressions and a futuristic drop filled with euphoria.

Orang Utan has kept their identities unknown and has garnered interest and curiosity towards themselves by wearing masks that correlate directly to their name. They have also generated a ton of buzz from their music videos and live performances, being recognizable distinctly for their look and sound. 

The duo have quickly garnered over 3 million collective streams and have successfully received two sync placements for their tracks on Netflix shows and EA Sports’ FIFA 2022. As the year comes to an end, there is so much built-up anticipation for Orang Utan in 2023 and beyond.


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