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NAZAAR Gets Personal in “WITH U”



Raised between Pakistan and America, Farhan Zahir – better known as NAZAAR just released his newest Vocal Trap/Bass Single “WITH U.” NAZAAR’s signature sound is a combination of his roots and his western upbringing, the hidden riches of the Middle East, with the prominent sounds of electronic dance music. The last couple of years he has been relentlessly working on putting himself out there, whether it was working with Carnage on “Blitzkrieg” or his stream of solo independent singles, such as “Jinn” or “Guru.” Up to his debut 5-track EP titled The Legacy on Never Say Die in early 2019. Naturally, we can only get excited about his newest release.

In February of 2020 I was in Los Angeles, trying to find my purpose within dance music. On one of these days during the trip, I found myself at Santa Monica beach at 2:00 AM with my laptop and headphones, recording the sounds of the beach. It was during that impromptu studio session that I started writing ‘WITH U.’ In that moment I felt so lost, not sure where I belonged, but writing music helped this confusion all go away. ‘WITH U‘ is a story about how feeling lost is a beautiful thing and how chasing the feeling of being yourself will always feel better than anything else. If it wasn’t for a calm night on the beach, I would’ve never realized that I could be whatever I wanted to become and do whatever I wanted to do.” – NAZAAR

“WITH YOU” is a vocal trap and bass gem that also tells a deeply personal story of finding self and purpose. Opening with a haunting dialogue between two lovers, the introduction then moves into heavy serrating synths with a heavy-hitting drop. The sultry, distorted vocals serve as a contrast between the light and dark elements of “WITH U,” bridging the gap between NAZAAR’s hopeful message and the track’s dark sonic style. As NAZAAR stated, he originally started writing the release while at a low point in his life, on a beach in the wee hours of the morning; his surrender to the feeling of being lost is evident in the production’s wistful and yet positive vibe. “WITH YOU” is out now.


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