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Motez Sheds Light on Newest EP ‘ReSet’ [Interview]



Australian-born DJ/Producer Motez is back with a brand-new EP that comes with a message that all listeners are sure to relate to after the past year. With the world reopening, the name ReSet comes at a perfect time to touch on a brand new beginning for dance music. His last ambient EP Soulitude was released in 2020 and touched upon the wonder of being alone during difficult times. Flipping over the page, Motez hopes to shed light on the world’s frustration with hard-hitting dark synths and techno that bring it all to the forefront of his message. An album full of messages of hope, letting go, and a new era for his life, ReSet is what we all need right now. 

Over the years, Motez has been known as a genre-defying producer recognized by the likes of Diplo, Justin Martin, and more industry icons. With numerous dance-floor hits including “Down Like This feat. Tkay Maidza” and ARIA gold accredited record “The Future feat. Antony & Cleopatra,” the DJ has made a name for himself in the world of dance music. Playing major festivals including Splendour in the Grass and Beyond the Valley, Motez will continue on to play his own national tour later this year in Australia. With the newest release of ReSet, we were lucky enough to sit down with the rising star and talk about this EP, its message, and more.

The Nocturnal Times: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview and congratulations on your new EP ReSet! How has the past year inspired this album?

Motez: I guess what transpired over the last few months with the pandemic meant that we were all faced with questions that we didn’t grapple with before, the sense of loneliness and isolation but connectedness through the shared experience. I made my Soulitude EP last year as an audiovisual piece that tries to deal with those sorts of questions in a more reflective and contemplative way, but I wanted to deal with the exact same questions in a more disappointed and defiant way, just a way of venting off our collective frustration

NT: We know your last EP Solitude reflected on the hardships people experienced during the pandemic last year. How do you feel ReSet differs and mirrors your creative growth from this past year?

Motez: As mentioned above, ReSet is like the dark sibling to Soulitude, in that it deals with our frustrations in a more rebellious way, hence why it’s loud and even obnoxious at times. I feel like it was been extra challenging for us working in music and how we felt (at least here in Australia) like we were left behind and neglected and this felt like the result of a somehow still ongoing process of catharsis

NT: With turning a new page this year, what are your goals as an artist? What’re you hoping to bring to your fans?

Motez: I think I want to continue to be my authentic self and release music that truly reflects what’s going through my head. I’ve always made dance music with purpose so I want to keep doing that. I am developing a full live show so hopefully, everybody will get to see that soon enough, very exciting times ahead!

NT: With the return of live music, is there a particular show that you’re most looking forward to? We see you have an Australian national tour coming up.

Motez: I should be in the midst of my ReSet Tour but so far only one show has gone ahead as many states in the country have started going into lockdown which means events aren’t going ahead in many parts of the country, it’s been extremely frustrating to artists and our industry as a whole. I have one big show that I am working on at the moment, probably won’t be happening for a minute but I am very very excited to see it come to light and for all of you to see it.

NT: Lastly, is there anything else, or a message that you’d like to share with your fans, alongside the release of your new EP?

Motez: Just sending you lots of love, it’s been incredibly difficult for all of us and that is why I made the EP the way it is, I hope it resonates with you and you get to dance to it wherever you may be.


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