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The Momentum of EDX: An Industry Veteran [Interview]



One of the industry’s most admired producers, Swiss powerhouse EDX has seen and done it all when it comes to making music, watching dance evolve, pioneering the scene, all things touring and much, much more.


An undeniable inspiration to fellow producers, Maurizio Colella aka EDX prides himself on his music and staying true to his sound. Growing up surrounded by people who share his same passion for music lead him to the well-seasoned veteran that he is today. With an extensive repertoire of remixes held tight under his belt, EDX has reworked versions of tracks by Axwell, Deadmau5, Steve Angello, Laidback Luke, Calvin Harris, Afrojack, Sebastian Ingrosso, Kaskade, Sam Feldt, Tiesto, and Benny Benassi among dozens of others. His innate ability to put a sexy spin on just about anything thrown his way remains high on our list of reasons to be impressed by the rhythmic master.


With recognition and support across the board from industry heavyweights and friends like David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Swedish House Mafia, Axwell, Kaskade, Armand Van Helden, Above & Beyond, Erick Morillo, Roger Sanchez, Tiesto, Robin Schulz, Antonio Giacca, Croatia Squad, and Nora En Pure, it is certain that we will continue to hear more and more from this relentless icon. The most streamed Swiss artist on Spotify, EDX exceeds our expectations year after year, just when you think he can’t possibly get any larger.


His deep and progressive sound has been fine-tuned and crafted over the quarter century he has been outputting music. The critically acclaimed and in-demand sensation remains a staple in the international electronic scene. After playing all of the world’s top clubs and festivals, landing residencies at the world’s hottest spots like Space Ibiza, sitting atop dance music’s leading charts, and sharing his productions with fans across the globe, the Number 1 Swiss artist on Spotify continues to spread summery vibes and feel good tunes without any signs of shying away.   


Colella began his massively successful radio show No Xcuses in 2011 and graced the world with episode 371 earlier this week. Broadcasting in 40 countries, his show is that if sheer genius and is yet another piece to demonstrate his enormous presence in this prestigious industry. A lovable soul and praiseworthy artist, EDX pours his all into developing himself and his sound while maintaining his signature appeal.


As of late, the momentum continues with EDX’s most recent rework, that of Janelle Monae’s “Make Me Feel.” Getting the full EDX Dubai Skyline remix treatment, this track is a groovy representation of the original and is available now via Atlantic Records. Monae’s Grammy-nominated work attracted EDX to add this to his collection as release number four in the last four months. The showstopping rolls on and the year is not even half underway! 2018 is shaping up to bring more and more playful tracks with each passing month. Listen to “Make Me Feel (EDX Dubai Skyline Remix)” below:



Fans are still on a high from his performances throughout this year’s Miami Music Week, including performances at Hyde Beach, the National Hotel, The Delano, 1 Hotel for No Sugar Added, and Spinnin’ Deep at Nautilus. We sat down with EDX on a seemingly casual Thursday morning at South Beach’s luxurious Setai Hotel to chat about his sexy sound, the development of the industry, advice for newcomers, good times with friends, and more.



Nocturnal Times: Welcome to Miami Music Week, leading up to Ultra’s 20th Anniversary! You arrived here a few days ago – how is being here so far? How have you kicked off the week?

EDX: The great thing about Miami is that you get to meet so many of your friends, and music is all over the place. You are also able to meet the fans on the streets because you’re walking on the same street! That’s awesome. I was able already to meet some friends, something that really makes me feel good.


Nocturnal Times: How would you say that MMW is different than other extended events throughout the year that you attend?

EDX: Well there’s a lot of different kind of conventions, conferences, etc. Especially for people that are not from Miami, it’s good to be able to go in the middle of the Winter to a place where it’s good weather, good vibes all over the place, people smiling and being happy – so that makes this week more fun. All the pool parties also give a special twist to it, but I think everywhere that is a conference or get together of music and professionals is good as we get to experience music together. Miami is a good one but there are other good ones too where there’s other focuses.


Nocturnal Times: You’ve got a performance at Hyde Beach lined up tonight. What can your guests expect?

EDX: I have no idea! I’m playing for Armin van Buuren, and I’m sure we’ll play some of my old stuff too because it matches better. I have some brand new stuff. My new single is called “Anthem,” and I guess it’s like the Ultra Miami Music Week anthem of the year, and it’s out next week so I’m going to play it out. There will be a lot of friends joining me, and after the interview I’ll maybe look and see if I can even still work on an edit or something.



Nocturnal Times: Have you ever approached friends who also produce in regards to remixing one of your tracks, or how have you gone about remixes in the past?

EDX: Well we do not typically do a lot of remixes on a lot of EDX originals. I am always trying to deliver one version, my version, my signature sound and that’s the language I want to share. But sometimes I have some of my friends on remixes, but I am always feeling like if you have one good mix why do you need remixes, you know?


Nocturnal Times: Are there any collaborations over the years that have been favorites of yours?

EDX: Well I have not done that many collaborations so it is hard to pick from a few. I think the most successful one was the one with Kaskade on his album Dynasty called “Don’t Stop Dancing.” There was a cool vocalist and we were able to make the production come together well.


Nocturnal Times: Walk us through a typical performance of yours. How do you tailor your set to the specific show or audience, for example, your show tonight with Armin?

EDX: I don’t tailor much really you know, I just go in and I don’t know which track I start with. When I’m on the deck I just put in my pen drive and I start. Then of course it’s an ongoing collaboration between the crowd, the music, and myself.


Nocturnal Times: You have shows all throughout this week, but are you still finding downtime to hang out with friends? Are you looking forward to anyone else’s performance this week?

EDX: Well I’m trying to chill, and as I said one of the keys is music and friends. My friends are right over there (pointing)! We already have had a great morning together. Friends from all over the world – from Sweden, from Italy, from Germany, from France, and it’s good to meet each other in a beautiful spot like Miami. I don’t know yet which shows we are going to listen to. I’m sure we are going to go for the closing set, to see Swedish House Mafia on Sunday.


Nocturnal Times: If we talk a little about your music, how would you say your sound has evolved over the years? How have you managed to stick to your signature styles but also change with the industry?

EDX: I always try to kind of evolve my sound and make it more sexy, because I feel like music needs to be sexy, especially in these times where EDM and this kind of heartless banging sound is getting a larger audience. I always try to push more towards sexy music, and I think 2018 will be more melodic – a year of melodic sounds.



Nocturnal Times: Let’s talk about last year’s release of your album Two Decades. Was that kind of a push towards that melodic sound? What inspired this album?

EDX: Yeah, with Two Decades I just realized that a lot of people will know my singles but they don’t know the rest of the tracks, so I thought let’s put something together. It was two decades releasing music, and there were all these great tracks, and new ones for the album and I think this will be an album that you can listen to in five years and still feel its new.


Nocturnal Times: After traveling the world and hitting essentially every city imaginable, is there one crowd in particular that you love returning to play for? Maybe a show from the past that particularly stands out to you?

EDX: Well I’ve played so many cities. Last year 136 shows, on nearly all continents. This year we are mid-March and I’ve been already all over the world. Most of the time its unexpected. I’m always looking forward to going back to places like Central America where people get really excited, or even Asia – they are very enthusiastic. I would say there’s amazing places in the U.S.too. I’m always happy when I’m sitting in a plane in Switzerland and heading towards the United States.


Nocturnal Times: Amidst all of the madness that comes with touring and performing – traveling one city to the next, to the next, how do you find that you’re still able to get excited about music and stay in the game after all this time?

EDX: Well if you are into the game, or when you experience it you don’t consider it as hectic or stressful – it just is like I like what I do, it is what I want to do, and I don’t really experience any struggle with this. I just do what I like to do, and I like my music, and it’s not me deciding where I’m going to head to, it’s the world – the cycle of the music deciding. There are so many continents, and I don’t have superpowers – I am not God, so I just do my thing and the rest will work itself out.


Nocturnal Times: As an established presence in the scene, what are a few key pieces of advice you would give to aspiring producers?

EDX: I think it is very important as there are always great talents, always successful kids that are from all over the world, that they all kind of create their own lifestyle and swag. I think it’s always very important not to try to follow them. Try to be the next one. Try to be something different. Try to be something that describes you the best. Something that is you. Once you really feel it, make sure you master it. Become the best and work hard, and one day your only target should be that people follow you and want to be like you, and then you know you are on the right way. Never try to be like someone else.


Featured photos by World Red Eye


Caroline is an avid electronic music enthusiast. Born and raised in the Boston area, Caroline relocated Florida to complete her Bachelors Degree in Social Entrepreneurship & Business from Rollins College in Orlando. Her passion for EDM, music festivals and music in general has taken her up and down the East coast (she now resides in New York City) and inspired her to pursue her dreams within the industry. Electronic music truly has been a blessing in her life and brought a lifetime's worth of lasting memories.


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