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Michael Brun Releases “Move That Body” Remix via Kid Coconut



Michael Brun just came out with his latest release, an amplified remix to the Lee Carter project “Move That Body”


Th Caribbean sensation, Michael Brun, has been a big player in the music industry for some time now. He started producing in his prime teenage years and has released many hit tracks since then. Michael Brun has proven to be more than a fad time and time again releasing an array of different remixes and original tracks. As he’s gotten older, his production style has been finely tuned to bring you releases like the “Move That Body” Michael Brun Mix. With a flourishing career, he’s still cranking out some of the best hard hitting progressive that’s out there. Nearly three years since his first EP Gravity has been released, featuring the Above & Beyond Group Therapy supported track “Halfway,” Michael Brun has the perfect mix of progression and festival banger on his hands in the “Move That Body” Michael Brun Mix.


The “Move That Body” Michael Brun Mix has been released on his very own Kid Coconut label, an ode to the inspiration he found in his homeland of Haiti as a child. The track starts with a strumming bass line and hard kicking snare before quickly coming into a high paced rising electro build up. This is the type of track that resonates with the golden days of peak festival house bangers. Antagonizing build ups and a hint of groove leave the “Move That Body” Michael Brun Mix astray from the pack of atypical festival hits. Take a listen for both, a refresher in some early 2010s proper progressive house and modern day electro sounds. The “Move That Body” Michael Brun Mix is a must add to the summertime party playlist.



The “Move That Body” Michael Brun Mix is available for purchase on both iTunes and Beatport.


For more information on Michael Brun follow his Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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