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Lightning In A Bottle Announces 2020 Knowledge Seeking Program



Lighting In A Bottle (LIB) has been defined as a dedicated education, health, and healing festival that expresses itself through music, dance, art and community gathering.

LIB has made a commitment in broadening the minds of its attendees, enabling the festival’s community to flourish through the unification of global cultures, modern-day ancient practice applications and more, all the while creating authentic connection and belonging. The festival has recently announced its multifaceted Learning & Culture Programs for this year’s 2020 attendees to align themselves upon.

This year, Lightning In A Bottle intends to cater with a variety of over 80 educational workshops, providing knowledge seekers the ability to dip their minds into topics such as Social Media, Sex & Shame; Art, Activism, Animism: Modern Revolution via Ancient Ritual, Manifesting Greatness via Sensuality & Radical Self Love, Ancestral Arts, Knife Skills and many more. While these workshops will be taking place over 6 spiritual zones, they are led by an eclectic roster of educators, ranging through top-tier thought leaders like Holistic wellness expert Queen Afua of the Sacred Woman Rites of Passage program, radical mycologist Paul Stamets, the godparents of visionary culture Alex Grey and Allyson Grey, and global environmental movement Extinction Rebellion. 

Taking place at the beautiful Buena Vista Lake from May 20th – May 25th in Southern California, LIB is set to engage with people’s senses, assist in expanding one’s consciousness, and providing pathways that enable attendees to take concepts learned at LIB beyond the festival. It’s a special event that’s received praises reviews for its transformative itinerary and is definitely a viable experience for those looking for an organic shift in consciousness.


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