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Let Pushing Daizies Lift Your Mood in New Single “I’ll Be Alright”



As many faceless artists have stepped forward these last couple of years, only a handful have risen to the top. One of the most intriguing ones is undoubtedly the emotive duo, Pushing Daizies. With their newest future bass single “I’ll Be Alright” they return to the major label Dim Mak. This track already marks the 9th release since their official debut in January with “Want It To End.”

“This is one of the first songs we ever wrote together. ‘I’ll Be Alright’ is a song about past relationships, and how no matter what has happened, you’ll always be alright. We’ve been holding onto this one for a while now and can’t wait to hear the response!”Pushing Daizies

Following their recent release, “I Want To Know,” the duo shows no signs of slowing down, so expect some summer anthems as the year continues. “I’ll Be Alright” sets a positive tone from the get-go with crystalline vocals and delicate piano keys, building into a future bass drop that is both groovy and elaborate. The duo creates a groovy, bass-heavy, and dance music tune that takes you on an emotional roller coaster. The amazing vocals pull at the heartstrings of its listeners. To compliment the release, a lyric video has been created that is synonymous with the “Pushing Daizies” project.

The term pushing daisies refers to the flowers that grow over a burial plot when someone dies, which is symbolic of the cycles of life and death, light and dark.


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