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Leading Japanese Producer Shingo Nakamura Releases “Focus”



Shingo Nakamura is a Tokyo-based producer and DJ. Hailing from Ibaraki (Japan), Shingo is especially known for a progressive house style that blends deep and lyrical sounds with classical piano. Now the leading progressive house tastemaker Shingo Nakamura returned to Monstercat with his soothing new single, “Focus.”

I wanted to make a song that would give a faint warmth and a positive feeling to people who are troubled or sad. I hope it makes you feel a little more relaxed.” – Shingo Nakamura

“Focus” is written to help mitigate feelings of anguish and sorrow, a testament to the distinguished producer’s ability to weave emotive narratives into his tracks. The dreamy chords, dark atmospheric pads, and deep basses transport listeners to an otherworldly soundscape, while the crisp percussion and bright synths create space for the intricate melodies to shine through the mix. Akin to his highly praised album “Glow,” Shingo’s signature euphoric sound allows listeners to find solace in the warmth of “Focus.” Out now on Monstercat Records.


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