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Monstercat Goes Roblox with DJ Simulator



Leading independent electronic music label Monstercat today joins forces with Play Pals Studios with the launch of DJ Simulator on the global immersive platform, Roblox, offering music and gaming lovers a revolutionary new experience.

Allowing users to live out their dreams of becoming a main stage DJ, Monstercat’s DJ Simulator provides an engaging and immersive experience aiming to be a breakout music experience on Roblox. Fans will embark on an exhilarating DJ journey, starting from the humble beginnings of their bedroom studio. Here, users produce a wide selection of the sounds from Monstercat Uncaged’s heavy bass, to Instinct’s dance and electro-pop, and Silk’s melodic house records, curate them into DJ sets, and play shows at extravagant stages within the captivating Monstercat Universe to earn their way to the top of the in-game charts amongst other users on the platform.

“DJ Simulator is the next evolution of Monstercat on Roblox and the culmination of our on-going journey on the platform since 2020. We are thrilled to bring this rich music-powered gaming experience, which ties our music, artists, and digital items together with greater depth to our engaged fans on the platform.” – Gavin Johnson, (Monstercat Sync & Partnerships Director)

With Roblox’s popularity continuing to soar, Monstercat’s DJ Simulator offers the platform’s over 77 million daily active users an exciting new avenue to unleash their creativity and inner DJ. As users set forth on their DJ journey, they will undertake various quests, earn upgrades to their DJ gear, Monstercat-themed pets, and continue to unlock songs. Users will perform across 8 highly produced Monstercat-themed stages that feature an array of on-stage effects and DJ visuals featured in physical Monstercat shows.

During performances, users are encouraged to engage with emotes to build ‘Hype’ to keep the crowd dancing while also mixing between songs of their own choice as a DJ deck appears. On launch, users will be able to invite their friends and others to watch their performances in real-time, which additionally increases their in-experience earnings. For fans of Monstercat’s Limited UGC (Digital Items) on Roblox, DJs will have the chance to earn exclusive Monstercat UGC rewards based on their seasonal rank on the leaderboard charts.

“Play Pals is honored to have collaborated on this brand new innovative experience with Monstercat. It’s new immersive activations like this that will continue to propel them as a top performer in the music genre on Roblox!” – Youness Boughenna (Play Pals Studios Chief Creative Officer)

At launch, DJ Simulator will feature over 350 Monstercat releases. Plans for future content updates include integrating thousands of additional songs into the experience through Monstercat’s own controlled catalogue. The experience will also provide exclusive opportunities to promote its artists and their music in the experience through events and planned feature updates.

Monstercat’s DJ Simulator is available now on Roblox.