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Lane 8 Reveals Anticipated Spring Mixtape



It’s that time of the year again, Lane 8 has released his seasonal Spring mixtape, and it’s right on schedule.


Some people use almanacs, some people use a groundhog to predict seasonal shifts, we prefer to follow the Lane 8 system. The promising young American producer has been doing his seasonal mixtapes since 2013 and has become a stable for any avid dance music listener.


The 10th official installment of Lane 8’s seasonal mixtape series does exactly what all his previous mixes have; his ability to match up seasonal transitions and energy to his mixes through careful song selection and various edits has never been better. To start off you hear a new edit or remix to the Rise heartfelt track “Loving You” featuring Lulu James. This track holds an upbeat yet slightly murky or underground feel to it, just as you’d find in the transition from the dark coldness of winter to the warm playfulness of summer. The perfect introduction song to the Lane 8 Spring 2016 Mixtape.


Just around the hour mark Lane 8 uses Murphy Cooper’s “Coreless” and it’s trumpet laden synths to take the mix into a further mysterious realm. Being primed for darker material, soon after you get an unknown lengthy track. It contains the steadily climbing flow with a satisfying drop resembling pre Rise Lane 8. As indicated in the Soundcloud description of the Spring Mixtape, future Lane 8 goodness is on the way.


Lane 8 has big plans this year and has already been billed for large acts such as the Anjunadeep Miami Pool Party in a few weeks and Electric Forest.


Take a listen below to the Lane 8 Spring 2016 Mixtape:


More information about what Lane 8 has in store for the coming months can be found HERE:

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1 Comment

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