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Ksenia Sheds Light On Toxicity In “Fire With Fire”



Russian born, NYC based singer-songwriter Ksenia’s latest single “Fire With Fire” sheds light on toxic relationships in a vivid example of strong songwriting. Less the average “happily-ever-after” singalong, “Fire With Fire” provides a beautiful take on the uncertainty surrounding relationships that are emotionally abusive in nature.

Listen to “Fire With Fire”:

With a Rihanna -inspired music video that throws ideas of loyalty and broken trust onto the screen for a compelling visual experience, “Fire With Fire” serves as a show-stopping, tear-jerking, and breathtaking moment. 

“In a world where emotional unavailability reigns high and commitment is a thing of the past, we tend to settle for relationships that are unhealthy and unfulfilling. Social Media has heightened this behavior by romanticizing fuckboys and glorifying narcissists. Perhaps one of the reasons guys treat us poorly is because we let them. My song, ‘Fire with Fire’ is about revenge and not being okay with half-baked romance.” – Ksenia

Watch the “Fire With Fire” video:


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