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Kaskade Strikes Again with Fresh Single “Closer” via Monstercat



Dance music prodigy Kaskade continues to shine his light on the Monstercat roster, as he releases stunning single, “Closer.” This marks Kaskade’s third release on the prominent label in partnership with the high-in-demand video game Rocket League, and there’s no sign of this spectacular collaborative project coming to a close anytime soon.

In celebration of his mesmerizing new house tune, Kaskade is set to host Rocket League Radio’s takeover of Fortnite’s in-vehicle radio station, Radio Yonder, on the day of release. Along with previous Rocket League releases “Flip Reset” with Will K and “Solid Ground,” word on the street has it that we can anticipate a new Kaskade EP via Monstercat later this March.

“Working on “Closer” felt like coming home for me. There’s a lot to be said for the comfort of warm chords, vibey vocals and build ups that bring us all back to our love of bass. I want “Closer” to be equally at home on the dance floor, the living room or in your headphones on repeat.” – Kaskade

Monstercat has provided the Rocket League soundtrack for quite some time now, creating opportunities for unique artists such as Kaskade to gain a fresh and continuous fanbase via the immersive game. Through the strategic release of multiple singles, EPs, and curated content in-game, Kaskade has created an unbreakable connection with players – and already established loyal fans of course. The power of music am I right?

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