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Journey into the New Chomper EP, ‘Check It’



Gracing the airwaves today is Chomper who has arrived with his newest EP, Check It, out now via Pharaoh Phonix. In addition to the new music news, on the touring front, Chomper will also be featured on support for Fetish April 8th.

The Check It EP delivers a whirlwind of sounds for listeners in just a matter of two tracks. Featuring upbeat moments as well as an incredible energy that just can’t be ignored, each song on this EP goes above and beyond to showcase Chomper as an artist and true creative.

Title track, “Check It,” sets the tone for the EP as a whole, as it kicks off with tons of rhythmic percussion, energetic surprises, and insane basslines that have listeners roped in immediately. As the house melodies fuse into the track, there’s a certain uniqueness to this track that Chomper absolutely nailed.

In collaboration with Pharaoh Phonix label founder Thomas Xavier, “Peekaboo,” brings the clever house visions of both Xavier and Chomper eclectically into one heavy experience. This track takes the entire energy level up another notch, hitting-hard with more percussion and electronic tones that include a spinning vocal sample as a perfect touch.


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