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Aazar & Capozzi Reveal Their Joint Project Vertigo with New Single



Aazar and Capozzi are proud to reveal their new joint project, Vertigo. Merging the contrasting worlds of an energetic Frenchman, with the more understated and mysterious LA artist Capozzi – Vertigo unearths new sounds and styles from the acts. Two souls, one sound. 

Vertigo consists of two artist on opposite sides of the spectrum. Aazar who is the light at the end of the tunnel and Capozzi who is in the darkest part of the tunnel. Together they offset each other sonically. With the music you will feel the infusion of both musical minds and it will complete the listeners taste across the world. This unique collaboration consists of an Italian-American (Capozzi) and a Parisian (Aazar). Vertigo’s music will take you to heights in music where you might feel the desire to fall or the fear of losing yourself in the music.

The Confession Records mainstays debut their project with the new single “Hit My Heart” featuring Makayla Phillips. The euphoric, progressive single is a sharp departure from the two artists’ usual sounds. “Hit My Heart” pulls elements from euro dance and trance – with a sped up melody and vocals from Makayla Phillips that will tug on your heart strings, the track is undoubtedly a club-ready sing-along in the making. The release has already received strong cosigns from labelboss Tchami, Kaskade, Malaa and more – solidifying the Vertigo project’s disruptive nature is being welcomed. “Hit My Heart” is out now on all mayor streaming platforms.