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Iván Galván Unleashes 8-Track Electronic Album ‘Rex Regnum’



Iván Galván has returned with his anticipated forthcoming eight-track album titled, Rex Regnum. Following Iván’s successful release of his sophomore album, Mensajero, in his latest release, Iván rounds out the album with eight driving tracks that flex his musical sensibilities and high-level production. Rex Regnum will be featured in Billboard Magazine’s GRAMMY Preview and is up for consideration in this year’s 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards

Following a continuation of Iván’s introspective nature Rex Regnum, Iván crafts a collection of engaging and pulsating rhythms and textured melodic arrangements that draw and hook the listener in. Rex Regnum is inspired by Iván’s spiritual side and tells the story of Jesus and of eternal life. He was inspired by the ideas of transfiguration and miracles and interpreted those actions into enchanting melodic beats.

“Music connects me to my spiritual side and I like to push myself to think outside the box of what people expect or associate with electronic dance music.” — Iván Galván

Rex Regnum is an emotional, artistic and inspirational body of work that will be sure to resonate and move the listener as they dive deep into this eight-track album. “Rex,” one of the singles off of the album is accompanied by a visually stunning and colorful music video which you can watch below.Rex Regnum has also gained popularity on TikTok and has been played by influencers such as TikTok star TinyWebs and Kate Bonavich as music for their videos.


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