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Isenberg Lands “Set You Free” ft. Clarity on Insomniac’s IN / ROTATION



Out now with “Set You Free,” Isenberg and Clarity have landed this incredible new track on IN / ROTATION.

Originally from Dallas, Isenberg works as an audio engineer, leaving him to have an outstanding ear for finely-tweaked music. Having a leg up on studio productions in this way allows for his creative brain to put forth fantastic tracks like “Set You Free.” Teaming up alongside multi-talent Clarity, the song reflects a chill atmosphere and derives a style of sound from UK garage influence. This freshly minted sound was the perfect fit for Insomniac’s house-centric imprint IN / ROTATION, and one listen through will have listeners hooked on a house feeling. Clarity’s hushed vocals lay effortlessly on top of Isenberg’s percussive rhythm, subdued basslines, and mesmerizing chord slides. 

 “I wanted to make something more chill and vibey with UK garage influence…I reached out to Clarity to do vox on the track, and it came together nicely.” – Isenberg

Making himself a mainstay on Insomniac’s watchlist, Isenberg’s tracks consistently made it onto Pasquale’s Night Owl Radio show, which eventually led him to release the growling and ghostly “Spectre” on the Discovery Project label in 2018. Then, he linked up with the Broken Music Syndicate founder Left/Right on the vibrant two-track Hyper EP on IN / ROTATION. And to keep his streak alive, he’s now running up on the label with his first official solo appearance. With “Set You Free,” Isenberg is breaking away into a different direction that displays another dimension of his dynamic take on all things house music.


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