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Isaiah Brown Unveils Music Video for Hit Single “Please Be The One”



Isaiah Brown is an artist, singer, and songwriter who is making strides within the industry by paving the way through his genre-bending style and more. He has garnered a loyal fanbase for his music and online presence and has just given his listeners a new music video for his hit single “Please Be The One.” The video showcases the mysteriousness of Isaiah in a beach and sunset environment, and encapsulates the essence of the track visually in a full body of work. 

Isaiah Brown’s latest music video for his track “Please Be The One” is the perfect roll out to add towards the success of his debut album, DREAMERBOY. The vibe of the video truly amplifies the single’s energy, helping his audience form a deep connection with the lyrics and composition of “Please Be The One.” The setting in the video is optimal as Isaiah sings his heart out as the sun sets, encompassing the idea of ‘the one’ we all have yearned for. With the accompaniment of the “Please Be The One” music video, Isaiah’s mission to promote peace, compassion, and empathy for one another is apparent, and listeners can heavily relate to the motif of the track as they view it.

“When we open our hearts up to the fullest capacity of the world and people around us, we discover the depths of our own existence and the power of positivity. Let us embrace one another as one collective consciousness, all striving towards a better tomorrow, for our children and our children’s children. One Earth and One Love under the power of God, The Universe, and Our Creator/Mother Nature.”

– isaiah Brown

Isaiah has been on a mission to grow his impact within the music scene, and his latest music video does that indefinitely. The pairing of his deep lyrics with an emotion packed music video truly helps to promote the essence of who he is as an artist, and fans and listeners are excited to experience his work through his upcoming GENESIS Tour and forthcoming EP.