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Melih Kor Drops Stunning Audiovisual Spectacle, “Nocturnal”



Melih Kor is one of the hottest talents in Trance and Progressive music. Over past years he’s had some amazing releases on Armada, Future Sound of Egypt, Black Hole Recordings and more, which is how he has established himself as one of the most promising talents in the industry. Now, Melih is back and ready to show off his exceptional talent with his latest track “Nocturnal.”

“Creating Nocturnal was for me a creative challenge, that I set up for myself – to create the most immersive audiovisual experience possible” – Melih Kor

“Nocturnal” is an exceptional track that features angelic vocals, two distinct drops, and a memorable melody that’s designed to make a lasting impact on the dancefloor. The first drop is characterized by big leads, while the second drop has a rolling bassline and big stabs that will get the crowd moving.

But what really sets “Nocturnal” apart is the audiovisual production that accompanies it. Melih Kor’s 3D visuals are designed to complement the music and create an immersive experience that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s a true testament to Melih Kor’s creative genius and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music. “Nocturnal” is out now on all streaming platforms.