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Markus Schulz & HALIENE Release “Butterfly x Metamorphosis”



The next single from HALIENE’s highly acclaimed debut album “HEAVENLY” began its life as two separate tracks. HALIENE and Markus Schulz have a collaborative history dating back over the years. It was no coincidence though that the unplugged natures of “Butterfly” and Markus Schulz co-produced “Metamorphosis” neighbored each other on “HEAVENLY”. Now tracks 10 and 11 from the mighty “HEAVENLY” become one with “Butterfly x Metamorphosis.”

I have a lifelong obsession with butterflies. To me, they speak of transformation; where once we crawled on the ground, one day we will fly above in brilliant color. On the HEAVENLY album I deal with pain and loss quite a lot and this song is the reminder that everything is temporary. For those we’ve lost, while you may have had to say goodbye for now, one day you will fly alongside them. While you may feel everything in your life has burned to the ground, just look at the butterfly … They go through a life-threatening process, and they come out the other side truly transformed, alive and able to fly.” – HALIENE

“Butterfly x Metamorphosis” is everything we expect from these stellar artists. HALIENE’s voice is beautiful and heavenly ad the production quality of Markus and you have some sure fire Trance at its finest. The moment the tune starts one can only feel the love that these two have for trance music. That being said we can see this piece of sonic goodness being played for years to come. “Butterfly x Metamorphosis” is out now on Blackhole Recordings.


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