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Guy Horne Drops Intimate Indie-Electronic Gem “Broken Before”



British indie-pop sensation, Guy Horne, is back in the spotlight with his latest anthem, “Broken Before.” The track seamlessly blending indie and electronic vibes, as Horne delivers a track that’s both heart-warming and captivating. Drawing from personal tales of love and vulnerability, “Broken Before” delves deep into the intricacies of past relationships and their lingering impacts.

“Broken Before” echoes sentiments of love and past connections, and is a nod to Guy’s shared musical journey with an ex-partner. Their combined creative energies birthed songs, with “Broken Before” standing as a sonic reminant of their shared history.

“The way we perceive the world is a direct result of our experiences. It’s hard to move on when past experiences plague our present, yet we must surrender to love’s healing flow.”

– Guy Horne

Influenced by Manchester’s iconic music legends like The Stone Roses & Oasis, Guy’s sound is a fusion of love, self-discovery, and evolution. Beyond his musical prowess, he possesses an array of notable social impact achievements, especially his monumental efforts in UK’s Affordable Housing, showcase his dedication to positive change. As “Broken Before” readies to grace the airwaves, Guy Horne’s ascent in the indie-pop realm seems unstoppable.