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GusGus Releases “Higher” with VÖK From Forthcoming Album

Photo Courtesy Of GusGus Facebook



The ever-evolving powerhouse duo, GusGus, is continuing the excitement of their 25th anniversary with latest single “Higher” out now on their Oroom label. This new single with VÖK is one right off of their upcoming 2021 album. Starting on a new journey, the pair is thrilled to begin this collaboration, especially with vocalist, Margrét Rán, from fellow Icelandic band, VÖK. In addition, they have released a stunning music video to compliment the track.

“Higher” begins with a captivating kick drum that continuously builds tension and showcases what GusGus excels at–catchy grooves and uplifting melodies. Glitchy and plucking synths enter into the sonic soundscape alongside Margrét’s vocals, beautifully blending together. Her lyrics explore themes of loneliness, greed, and human manipulation while complimenting the electrifying instrumental backdrop. Overall, this lively electronic and synth-pop track is filled to the brim with slow rhythmic grooves, memorable basslines, and enchanting melodies.

“GusGus sure is a scary rollercoaster and I’m super excited to be a part of this upcoming era. I’ve been a fan for many years.” -Margrét Rán

This new single marks the beginning of the new era of GusGus. More experienced and intense than ever before, the pair has found new inspiration that will help them break new boundaries in their career. After 25 years of music and iconic live performances, long-time fans can experience a new realm of their musical capabilities.

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